Infection Control Measures

One of our key clinical priorities is to protect our patients, visitors and staff from the risk of healthcare-associated infections caused by germs.

SAIH has a fully staffed Infection Control Team dedicated to prevent and control cross-infection. The team works closely with healthcare workers to minimize the infection risk to patients.

Standard precautions and aseptic precautions are followed in every unit of the hospital.

All staff at the hospital have regular training on Infection prevention and control. There are policies for infection prevention and regular audits are carried out to check strict compliance to polies.

Antibiograms are published to make clinicians aware about trend of antimicrobial resistance among most commonly isolated bacteria in the institution. This helps them in deciding empirical antibiotic therapy for patients.

Information on rates of antibiotic resistant infections is regularly collated in each ward and department, and our staff use this data to help reduce these rates as much as possible.

Isolation precautions on the basis of requirements are followed.

All our staff including doctors, nursing staff, senior managers, housekeeping etc., are committed to control spread of infections.

Sterilization services of the hospital are closely monitored to avoid any failure which can interfere in efficiency.

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