Paediatric hemato oncology

Paediatric hemato oncology


With advancement of knowledge in medical field and pharmacological division, Hemato oncology is creating a niche leap throughout world including India.

Development of newer molecular and genetic studies, new understanding is being created about understanding the disease and its management with best of results and life expectancy.

Under the umbrella of this division, a holistic approach is offered for diagnosis and expert management which includes adult and pediatric oncology and Hematology services.

It takes care of all adult and pediatric cancers and also all blood related illnesses also called hematological diseases.


Services offered

  1. Solid Cancers :
    1. Brain tumors
    2. Head and Neck cancers
    3. Thyroid cancer
    4. Breast cancer
    5. Esophagus cancer
    6. Lung cancer
    7. GI and Hepatobiliary cancers
    8. Gynae cancers
    9. Genitourinary cancers
    10. Bone and soft tissue cancers
  2. Pediatric Solid Cancers :
    1. Brain tumors
    2. Kidney cancers
    3. Soft tissue sarcoma
    4. Bone cancers
    5. Liver cancer
  3. Hematological Cancers :
    1. Leukemias
    2. Lymphomas
      1. Hodgkins disease
      2. Non-Hodgkins disease
    3. Multiple Myeloma
  4. Hematology :
    1. Anemia
    2. ITP
    3. Thalassemia
    4. Coagulopathies
    5. Thromboembolic conditions
  5. PICC line insertion under ultrasound guidance for continuous venous access during chemotherapy and supportive care and ICU settings.



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