Speech therapy and audiometry

Speech therapy and audiometry

Speech Therapy and Audiometery department located in Shree Aggarsain International Hospital is accomplished with all diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. It works in close collaboration with the ENT department for speech, language and hearing disorders. Along with this, various therapeutic needs are fulfilled for Paediatrics, Neurology, Psychiatric and Surgery Department.

Department Facilities

  • Hearing assessment for all age groups
  • Pure tone audiometery
  • Speech audiometery
  • Conditioned response audiometery
  • OAE Test (Otoacoustic Emissions)
  • Acoustic Immitance studies including tympanogram, stapedial reflex, reflex decay, Eustachian tube function test.
  • Special test of hearing
  • (a) SISI
  • (b) Tone decay threshold
  • Screen Test OAE for new-natal children.
  • Hearing aid trial assessment, evaluation and treatment of voice, speech and language disorders
  • Voice disorders puperphonia,androphonia, hoarseness/ harshness, breathiness of voice, hypo nasality/ hyper nasality of voice, spastic dysphonia, aphonia, prophylaxis of professional voice uses, laryngectomy rehabilitation
  • Fluency disorders – stuttering/ stammering, cluttering
  • Articulation disorders – cleft palate speech rehabilitation
  • Neurogenic speech and long disorders like aphasias, apraxias and dysarthias
  • Therapy for swallowing disorders (dysphagia)
  • Delayed speech and language due to hearing loss, mental retardation, autism etc.
  • Development and childhood aphasias

Equipments available

  • Impedance audiometry
  • Free field speakers
  • Therapy material and arrangement

Department highlights

  • Very economical rates
  • Personalized attention
  • Accurate assessment
  • Longer therapy sessions with home program advice in association with parents
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